Who am I?

An accountant with an experience of more than 10 years,

who recently became a chartered accountant and tax consultant,
but ....

With a very solid experience of companies,
large or small in the IT sector,

exercised in various functions,

ranging from software development and project management

to the sale of IT solutions and corporate management.

And I'm enthusiastic to help you!

Hourly rates

Most of my assignments are done at an hourly rate of 60 EUR + VAT.


In any case, you can contact me without committing yourself

and a global budget will be proposed to You.​

Comment et quand?

       Comptabilité - Accountancy​


                  Planning Financier

                      Qui suis-je? + Tarif


How and when

Bookkeeping Accountancy

Tax system

Financial planning

Contact & Rates

How and when?

Bookkeeping - Accountancy​

Tax system

Financial Planning

Contact & Rates

Chris Accounting SPRL​